Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two Mad Hatters

Mary Stebbins Taitt and Gail Slaughter, at the Mad Hatter Tea Shoppe in California.

A cup of Tea and Me

This my close friend Gail Slaughter, who sadly moved away to California. Well, she didn't move sadly, we're just sad she's out there and not here. You know what I mean. Gail keeps in touch with lots of pictures and funny jokes.

St. Nick?

This is Keith Taitt, Photographer, getting his own photo snapped by his wife Mary.

"Old Schoolhouse"...a picture by Mary Stebbins Taitt

Old postal card...the "Michigan Union"...I lived in West Quad, behind and attached at the left...

Old postal card...Jackson, Michigan as it was...

Old postal card...the "Engine Arch"...I attended classes here in 1969...University of Michigan

Old postal card...the Rose Garden at Ella Sharp Park

Old postal card...City Hall...now sadly gone

Old postal card...Cascades Falls...Jackson, MI

Old stomping grounds...University of Michigan

Mary as a "slightly" younger woman

Blue Beach Rider

A shot sent me by my good friend, Mary Stebbins Taitt. It gives the feeling of adventure, promise, wider horizons, new beginnings, new hope. That's about all you can ask for from life!